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With its roots tracing back centuries, stained glass artistry has evolved into a contemporary medium that marries tradition with innovation. Each bespoke creation is a canvas that transforms natural light into a kaleidoscope of colours, illuminating interiors with a captivating interplay of hues and patterns.

Bespoke stained glass windows and doors elevate entrances to new heights of opulence. Whether gracing the entryway of a listed building or adding a touch of luxury to a modern home, our made-to-measure doors incorporate stained glass panels that weave intricate patterns and images, offering a glimpse of the beauty that lies within.

Your journey with Woodland Joinery begins with a conversation. We listen to your ideas, preferences, and inspirations, translating them into initial designs that capture your imagination. As we refine the design together, our artisans meticulously select glass, colours, and techniques that align with your vision. Every cut, every brushstroke, every detail is infused with dedication and care, resulting in a bespoke creation that is uniquely yours.


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Our reputation has been built on excellence of design, quality of product and professionalism of service.

Widely recognised as one of the most progressive companies in our field we have successfully combined the best of modern methods of manufacturing and state of the art technology with traditional craftsmanship, leading the way in 21st century modern joinery methods.

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Our premium range of bespoke products have earned us local and UK wide recognition as master crafters.

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